New School “Hustlin'”

It’s no surprise that I’m using Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. as a vehicle to pursue my dreams.  It’s also no surprise to find out that I’ve made some excellent contacts and, yes, been receiving some REAL opportunities with REAL money associated.  Sincerely, I’m flattered beyond belief at all the support, inspiration and kind words/thoughts that I’ve had the pleasure of “hearing” since I began this journey.  I wish just meeting and getting to know all of you could be my job…really.  But, paying the bills, getting out from under a monstrous student loan debt and my personal disdain for many of our current policies (i.e. politicial bullshit) fuel my pursuits as well.  I don’t simply need money to live; I need it to pursue my larger (AND supercrazy) goals.  Bottom line:  I love, love, love all of you. Friends, new and old, potential clients, young and not-as-young, gay, straight, Black, White, Purple – all of ya.

On the other hand, I’m hustlin’ for money out there and I’m gettin’ mines.

Many of these incredible opportunities I’m receiving are from truly excellent people.  I plan to try to work with as many excellent peeps as possible…however, I can adapt to anyone/any business, so, if they are a little less than awesome, I can probably deal.  😉  I couldn’t be more honest when I say that I’m happy to help any and all of you in any way I can. As long as you continue our common bonds of honest, cool and real, I’m down.  And, if you choose, you can help me in return.  In fact, many people are already helping me tremendously and it costs them nothing.  This is one of my favorite aspects of doing this.  Here’s what I mean:

How people can help Brian (if they choose):

* Comment on what I post.

* Tell as many of your friends as possible to “friend, connect, link” with me.

* Use my pages, blogs, profiles as a way to make connections/network (if you haven’t started do that already, you do realize you’re talking to a guy with two Masters, tons of experience and, in two months, has gained this much attention, started getting gigs and became the editor-in-chief of a hot, upcoming men’s mag, right? lol).

* Continue our friendship and take up and/or offer my services to anyone you know who could use them…and afford it. 🙂

How Brian will help you, free of charge:

* Introduce you to and connect you with people.

* Keep my page as public as possible so that any and everyone can take advantage of what that does.

* Suggest you as a friend to people who could help you out, depending on what your deal is.

* Assist in promoting you, your group, your business, or your views (provided I agree or can at least deal with them. lol).

* Keep being your pal and offering suggestions on how to help you with whatever you’re dealing with.

For you smart kids out there who are saying, “Duh, idiot.  That’s social networking.,” I’ll remind you that most of the people with the stroke don’t know how to do it like we do.

Honestly, though?  This is easy, schmeazy stuff that we should all do for one another.  The more attention we put towards them, the more real our dreams become.  So…want to do it all? It’s, at the very least, a nice refresher.  Even if you think I’m crazier than a pot-bellied pig in a mosh.  Do whatever, though.  I’m happy to just be a dude you know as well. 🙂



One thought on “New School “Hustlin'”

  1. Laura Tellado says:

    I gotta say, Brian. That pot-bellied-pig-in-a-mosh reference brought some interesting images to mind! LOL. But seriously, I really dig your determination to network with others. I spent most of my high school, then college years whining about not having many friends.

    Now I realize that once you tap into a way to connect with people, even some of your online friends might end up being the best people you’ve ever met. Some people like to argue that new technology is disconnecting us from others. While it often can do that, I think it’s simply a matter of figuring out what networking sites to join, how to use them, and find at least a few people you trust or would like to connect to first.

    This post is really awesome. Keep at it, Holler! 🙂

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