I Just Don’t Get It.

I’ve met a lot of cool, new people during this deal.  Really sticking my neck out there, at the very least, has drawn some amazing, inspiring conversations already.  In that spirit, I’ve got to mention my new friend, Lisa.  Lisa’s cool….super smart, super liberal…super pissed off.  Reminds me of, well, “me,” when I was her age. (Am I old enough to say that now?  Ugh.)  Of course, that’s why I’m easy to get along with for her.  For the most part, we believe in the same things.  I’m sure there are plenty more things Lisa and I have in common and I look forward to finding out more down the road about her.  She’s one of many awesome new folks I’ve been choppin’ it up with.  I’ve got to admit:  I’m an easy fan of someone.  If you are a big fan of facts, then you and I will probably be able to get along on some level.  You see, Lisa likes facts.  She’s also into politcs…big time.  She knows I am too (and she wants to fire me up!) and sent me the link to a movie on Facebook.  You really gotta love Hulu.  Super cool.

Here’s the link:  http://www.hulu.com/watch/158468/fuel

If you took the time to check out this movie, even for a second, you can sense all the things you’re supposed to know and think about as a result of having seen it.  That’s how I know a movie’s good.  I can “feel” what it’s about right away and, if I’m interested, I’m hooked in.  Dialed.  The movie made me think.  Any good movie should.  Any film, any genre.  I felt that Josh Tickell must think like I do.  Hell, I KNOW he does.  Why the heck aren’t people listening?  Maybe I’m simple, but I believe if we just could kick it and talk peacefully, with respectful, kept-in-check-to-the-brink-of-fighting levels (please trust when I say that I understand why you’re THAT pissed off), and just try to listen to one another, can’t we figure this problem out and get movin’?

You see, I’m a fan of facts.  I like them because they are hard to argue with.  I’m smart, but not incredibly well-spoken.  Not stupid…just…common?  Anyhow, I have to rely on facts to even remotely come across like I know what the hell I’m talking about.  If you’ve seen my writing style, you’ll see that you’re not exactly dealing with Stephen King here.  If I’m going to talk shop about everything and anything and/or have credible, believable, realistic opinions, I have to simply stick with plain truths and facts.  For instance…

In the movie, “Fuel,” Josh Tickell examines the greed behind the oil industry and, basically, why we’re fucked.  He’s awesome.  I’ll sum it up for you:  Why the hell are we still using this crap?  Let’s see…well, there’s death, destruction, a dependence on other countries (like we don’t have enough shit to deal with on our own), shady business dealings, greed, negativity, hurt, pain…do I really need to go on!?!?  I do apologize for the swearing…I get a little carried away with this stuff.  Though, I am American and 34…so, I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to speak freely at times when necessary.  Folks, we can’t ignore these facts any longer.  Something’s got to give.  We ignore the facts and we listen to the spin.  Both sides do.  (Oh, there’s another blog:  Why the hell are people so naive to think that there’s only two sides?)  Listen…I know how to recognize spin.  We all do.  We’re just so used to it that we’re numb.

You guys see that I’m spinning myself to you now, don’t you?  I want to appeal to you so that I have a shot to strike gold.  Like I said, I’m takin’ a shot.  I can deal with that fact mentally (duh, who wouldn’t want to live mad comfortably?) because I truly, sincerely, deep in my soul, care.  More than any sembalance of financial gain, I want to help people.  Seriously.  Being nicer is easier to do and more fun.  Again…fact.  Oh, and don’t front:  I’m like every one of you and you know it.  Well, maybe not the fame part…but, rich and caring?  So, if someone said, “Here’s a million dollars, no strings attached, free of charge,” you wouldn’t take it?  And when you got that money, you wouldn’t hook yourself, your family and your friends up?  Really?

Speaking of money, can we at least get a strong effort towards manufacturing alternately fueled cars?  This is reminding me of my beef with our lack of dopeness in a coherent, national transportation system in this country.  This is America, right?  Didn’t we used to kick ass at transportation?  Not anymore.  Want another fact?  Right now, we have the technology, know how, scientific backing and business plans to go full boar on upgrading everything…big time.  It would be so kick ass.  I could go see my boy, E, in LA in two hours without flying!  Yay!  No more ludicrous gas prices!  Yay!  We have more money for our country so that we can take care of its people properly!  Yay!

But, NOOOOOO.  Fine.  Can we at least admit that we should, sorta, kinda start looking at other stuff besides oil?  I mean, really? C’mon.  Aren’t I even a skosh right?

The fact is that this craziness is bigger than you, I, or anyone else.  It’s bigger than all of us put together times a million billion jillion.  I don’t know how it’s all going to shake down or how we’re going to pull it off, but we’re going to have to have a huge shift in thinking out there, collectively. If we don’t start just chilling the hell out and talking to one another about how crazy it all is instead of fighting and hating all the time, we’re going to sink.  Another fact?  This has happened to every great super power in the history of the world.  I feel like if we don’t do something, it’s just going become our turn in the cycle.  On the other hand, we do have something on all those other superpowers that preceded us.  We’re American.  Call me corny and a patriotic sucker, but Americans don’t give up and Americans don’t settle for second best.  Bottom line:  It’s time to do work, y’all.

Please, please, oh, please…Let Me Hear You HOLLER!!!!


5 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Get It.

  1. Lisa L says:

    Thanks Brian for the awesome promo!!! I am glad you loved the film. I originally got the link from “boycott BP” on facebook. I am starting to think that we need not stop at boycotting BP. I think we need to rethink how we get from point A to point B, how we heat and cool our homes, and alternative energy in general.

    I would like some HUGEEEEEEE tax incentives to put up solar panels … I am thinking that even if I only use 50 percent less energy due to the solar panels, that I am doing something worthwhile. Imagine if everyone in our ‘hood did the same? If we cut our energy consumption in half over the next 5 years… HALF

    OPEC will be doing a lot more to force their hand… like maybe using religion? Have you heard about Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani? She is going to be stoned for a crime she never did, no she didn’t murder anyone and she certainly never went in front of a Jury of her peers either. She is being stoned to death for adultery… yes that’s right… problem is, she didn’t even get the benefit of sex with another man… she was coerced into a confession, kept in jail 5 years, received 99 lashes… and now she’s gonna die?

    I think that the petition to stop the stoning: http://www.stopstonningnow.com
    will only do more to make Iran steadfast and stupid. They will likely kill her as a giant FU to the western world. Next time it might be your daughter yanno… how do we protect our kids from Sharia?

  2. holler1012 says:

    Lisa, these human rights violations are simply unacceptable. No way around it. Do you know anyone (who’s mind isn’t seriously in trouble) that can rationalize this? I truly don’t. I know plenty of people who are mean, idiotic, stupid and just plain assholes. And even those people are pissed…no one knows what to do. My theory? We (forgive me) HOLLER!!! about it. Keep informing yourself, Lisa. That’s how we’ll do this. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Very cool that anyone’s listening!

  3. Ashley Tisdale says:

    Hey, I actually like what your doing. Hopefully it all goes good for you. Everything happens for a reason. I’m busy in Vancouver in the minute and don’t have a lot of time to write stuff. But I sure will tel me friends about it. Life keeps getting better hopefully what your trying to do works out for you. Life can get a bit crazy but keep on trying. Never give up on what you want life to be. 🙂 God bless you
    xox Ashley Michelle Tisdale xox

    • holler1012 says:

      Ok, I’m going to resist becoming a 14-year old girl….no, I’m not. OMG! Ashley Tisdale likes my stuff!!! Ashley, you get a SUPER COOL! I SO appreciate the support and hope to help out in any way I can. I’ll keep rollin’ along! Thank you so much. Oh…did you guys know that Ashley has her own production company? Yep…she’s doin’ work.

  4. Misty Smith says:

    Holler! Love the post. I also love that although I know which side of the political debate you fall on and are passionate about it, you still can respectfully state and have a conversation about your opinions. I don’t see that much these days and it usually turns into a heated, hateful debate which is unfortunate. Lots of hating and fighting going on. Keep following those passions my friend!

    PS If we are going to make a push for alternatively fueled cars (HOLLER!!) can we campaign for some cute ones? 🙂 So far the lego looking ditties aren’t doing it for me ha!


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