Doubting Dreams aka My Business Deal With You

Going on this quest, I knew that once it got remotely “real,” the people close to me would start to worry.  They have a right to be worried.  What I’m doing is crazy, right?  I would say yes, but something inside me keeps me going:  It’s the fact that I know what I’m doing.  I’m qualified to be a communication expert, consultant, pop psychologist, advisor and writer.  Two Masters Degrees don’t come cheap; but they do sharpen the mind to extremely advanced levels.  Especially if you are a completely free thinker, which I am.  I’m capable, qualified and skilled enough to work in entertainment and self-help….so, duh!  I’m starting a business.

Tryin' my hardest, folks!The business that I’m looking to enter and become part of is not new by any stretch of the imagination.  However, I’m not just looking to get into entertainment and media; I’m looking into helping others as well.  That’s how I can merge my short-term goals with my long-term ones.  If, for these first few weeks and/or (geez, I hope not) months, I only get offers for advising or tutoring, then I’ll be the flashiest, most professional, inspiring, educated one you ever hired.  One cool thing:  My client and I are the only ones who will ever know what they paid.  That way, I can provide services to people from all walks of life; yet stay above water.  There will be a bottom line, but it will be based on the factors the client needs and his or her location.  Yes, the dream is to have a microphone to speak from or a talk show where we just “chop it up” and have good, positive conversation.  But if I only become the “coolest” tutor in the Puget Sound area, then so be it.  I think I can generate enough interest to stay afloat and relatively comfortable.  Whether that’s having conversation in front of a microphone, in a private meeting, at the grand opening of an art gallery, or at a local hot spot, I will go where you need and provide services you hire me for.  Yes, I’m resisting the urge to comment on the fact that I sound a little like a male escort..but, I digress.  If I dare go there, on a spiritual level, I truly feel like I might be a muse or something…using communication.  Certainly grounds for at least becoming a psychologist/advisor/whatever you want to call it.

Weird thing?  The dream continued.  It’s funny when your mind seems to be going so much further than your reality.  In my mind right now, I’m this jet-setting, fun guy who gets to go around and have a good time, chop it up with different kinds of people and honestly, in all sincerity, help.  Although, reality doesn’t take too long to set in these days.  For instance, I’m going on the most amazing trip with some friends this weekend.  I’m going to have the best outdoor experience of my life for the second time.  Too awesome.  My friends truly have no idea how much that trip is beginning to mean to me.  That said…I forgot it was tomorrow.  I seriously forgot.  What the hell is going on with me?  Too weird.  No one’s told me I’m full of shit yet.  I’m not sure anyone has the guts too.  Know why?  My plan isn’t THAT crazy.

Dope Modern Art = Shawn Foote

Regardless of how tripped out my vibe seems, I can’t help but harken back to the people who mean the most to me in my life.  They have continuously confirmed that I have this ability. Over and over again.  From people who I have met and cultivated long friendships with to that cool dude I met down at our local bar the other night.  These are people that are help and inspire me today.  Right now, even!  They are literally and figuratively helping provide support towards this effort.  Of course, to an extent, anyone that reads this or gives even half a s@#$ about me is helping facilitate it. Granted, I don’t have the fan base of…oh, anyone, but I do have a large circle of friends that, as it turns out, have as much want, inspiration, care and know-how as I do.  In fact, most of them have more.  I know there are people out there who don’t think as highly or respectfully of me.  I can’t worry about them.  I’m on a mission.  It doesn’t matter if they believe in me as much as my friends or I do…I still love them too.  Haters are welcome to the party as well!

Just Choppin' It Up!

I’m good at talking with people and helping them see their potential.  That’s why I was first drawn to teaching.  It’s also why I’m even more drawn to my current pursuits.  Wouldn’t it be great if teachers could have a voice that could be unafraid of political ramifications?  Want to know why education is in the state it is in this country?  I’ve never seen or heard a politician who won an election talking about the biggest problems that teachers face:  Lack of funding, uninformed politicians and bad parenting. When you chop that up and recognize it is fact, all who’s left to vote for the person are, well, teachers.  I hope to at least be a small part in exposing (in a nice way, though!) this to as many as possible.  If I ever get a chance to put all of this on blast for the nation to hear…or at least a decent demographic in fairly big area?  Wow.  Like I said, I’m shootin’ for dreams here! I’m a former teacher and communication specialist who can speak commonly, with an academic, well-read slant and I am easy to understand. I’m also trying to grit my teeth through the anger I have at the state of education in our country.  As if I needed more fuel.

Where I Like To Be

These feelings about myself seem to be validated over and over again in my life.  People like my presence.  They like me to just “be around” and “hang out.” That’s part of all the “crazy, inside energy deal” I’ve got goin’ on in my mind currently.  I can market and promote my personality and lifestyle, try to become rich and famous, start my business and, most importantly, help others in the process.  It’s all the selfish dreams mixed in with all the good ones!

Advanced Education = $100K in Loan Debt..oh, and knowledge.

For me, the bottom line is making somewhere around 60K/year.  That’s what it would take for me to pay my bills. (Two masters degrees and a modest background = debt so incredibly unbearable that you have to start a business and throw caution to the wind just to have a shot to get out from under it.)  I’m confident that with my experiences, skills, knowledge and friendships, I will be able to “book” enough business to get there eventually.  There are signs of progress:

I can write blogs.  I’m completely loving this bloggin’ stuff!  I’m fortunate to have some great friends that have given me some wonderful advice in this area.  Between them, snooping around respectfully and shamelessly promoting myself, I hope be able to cobble up a bit of money there.

Do It!

I can consult, advise and assist…any age.  I’m knowledgeable, experienced and well-read in most academic subjects, any and all life problems, career aspirations, communication issues and conflict management.  I  simply am someone who’s good to talk to if you need someone to talk to.

I always wanted to do this, really.  When I was young, I called it, “Advice Business.”  When I got older, I thought that was incredibly lame.  When I got a little older and a bit more wise, I realized I should have listened to myself all along.  Granted, if you have a problem with your modern physics or civil engineering paper, I’m probably not your guy.  However, I don’t only have the skills required to teach academics to people; I can teach them how to communicate more effectively and become better people at the same time.  I’m looking to run the gambit of peoples needs and I’m willing to bank on the fact that I won’t stretch myself too thin or get overwhelmed in the process.  It’s not too broad; it’s focused:  I want to aid people through their mental barriers and the problems that go along with them.  And get paid for it.  It’ll be busier, riskier and more stupid than anything I’ve EVER done before..but, I’ve never loved what I done career-wise and truly felt it.  This one?  It has me sprung.

Can I become a pop culture self-help pop psychologist communication expert talk show advisor?  I’m really asking.  Now that I read back on this, it does seem pretty crazy.  Not crazy enough, though.  That well-honed beacon that I have in my head (my “spidey-sense!”) that lets me know when I’m screwing up is not there this time.  That said,  I’ve got business cards to get done, a business plan that’s coming around, contacts to meet and some shameless promoting to do.  Until next time…

Let Me Hear You Holler!!!


3 thoughts on “Doubting Dreams aka My Business Deal With You

  1. Tayah says:

    I have no doubt and am 100% hooked on HOLLER!

    Yes you can re-invent yourself and you will!

    I may be in the market for a motivational speaker- we’ll be in touch.

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