The Quest


I thought I would be more scared.  Whenever I heard stories of people “throwing caution to the wind” in pursuit of their dreams, it always seemed so dramatic and intense.  Know what I realized?  The people telling those stories are usually pretty darn intelligent. They are constantly, continuously, crafting their story, word-by-word, to literally PURSUE that dream.  There is a reason they get to that point.  There are common themes all of these people possess:  desire, drive, positivity, etc.  They just believed it…willed it to happen.

That is what I am proposing to do on this quest.  My name is Brian Holler.  I’m 34 years old and my future just started about 3 weeks ago.

If you start sniffing around my pages, tweets, comments and, now, this blog, it won’t take you long to figure out who I am and what I’m about.  I’m purposefully putting that out there for you to see.  We’ll get into SEVERAL of the issues you see on my Facebook page as time goes on.  In fact, part of the “big bang” I experienced the other week was quite a revelation to me.  I finally understood what all those people meant when they said, “there was something inside me that just wouldn’t let me stop until I got there.”  I totally get that now…because it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I got it!  Why don’t I just talk to people and be myself?  Right.  People don’t get paid for that, you nimrod.  Actually, though, if you think about it…the amazing ones?  They do.

What separates a good social commentator from a great one?  Personality.  Style.  Believability.  All of the people in the profession, for the most part (yes, some HUGE exceptions to this…but, I digress) are well-educated, well-spoken and understand the concerns and ideas of most people.  As I was looking around at some of my (I hope one day) “mentors” works for inspiration, I noticed that…for lack of a better term, I could “hang” with them.  I am well-educated, experienced, wordly, accepting, adaptable and open-minded.  I have a good voice, a decent look and some charisma.  I don’t mean to sound egotistical – it’s just that everyone that I really care about has always validated this aspect of my personality.  I’m one of those guys who is fortunate enough to often hear things like, “man, he is so cool,” “he’s so easy to talk to,” “or “what a sweetheart!”  Now, that last one used to rub me the wrong way when I was younger (who wants to be the “nice” guy?) but I’ve grown to love it about myself.  I’m not oblivious, though.  I could never have become what I currently am without the support, advice, assistance, positive energy and reality checks from my friends.

I don’t come from a large family.  I come from a modest, yet loving background.  My parents gave me all the inner tools I would need to succeed.  The more practical things?  Um…let’s just say they weren’t as good at that part.  Much of my life, I had to rely on friends for a lot.  I was always, still am and will always be thankful.  I didn’t see being a good, thankful person as being weak or a burden.  My dad is the toughest son-of-a-bitch in the world.  No kidding.  He could kick your ass right now, even as he lays on his last bed.  Yet, he always took time to show me love, tell me he loved me, give me hugs, support and, well, whatever I needed.  Just like a good father should. Another thing he did was explain the values of loyalty, friendship and respect for all to me at a young age.  As I became more social, I found myself gravitating towards people with that same vibe.

My friends ARE my family.  I have the greatest group of people surrounding me…and I keep acquiring more and more.  Good people who appreciate honesty, sincerity and truly want to better this world through positivity.  I am them.  When I speak, I speak for them.  When I write, I represent, not only myself, but my family and friends.  Ok…getting a bit too ‘rah-rah.’  My point is that I’m on a quest to show people that a positive, accepting, optimistic person can truly succeed in the industry.

I’m growing very weary of all the battling.  Peeps, we aren’t going to get anywhere if we keep arguing and taking shots at one another.  Now, people close to me will be the first to tell you that I can get very, um, “passionate?” about issues.  It is my burden to keep that in check and make sure that I can get through to someone, especially if they disagree with me.  I want us to have constructive conversations.  Figure out our common ground, have some decent respect for one another and try to come to a positive solution.

So, that’s that.  I’ve proclaimed to the world that I’m on this quest.  Well, at least to everyone in my world…and, certainly to any prospective (and I use that term so loosely that it’s nearly untrue) employers, it sure as hell looks like Brian has thrown his chips in.  They’re not stupid.  I have.  I’ve got $4.75 in the bank, I’m waiting on unemployment, I’m trying to get a side business going quickly to supplement this quest, bills are not getting paid…and you know what?  I don’t care.  This is my destiny….and I never thought I’d have the balls to say that.

Let Me Hear You Holler!!!


7 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. Jim Marshall says:

    Damn straight Holla! I can’t wait to hear you tell it straight. As long as you’re telling your truth, you’re never wrong.

  2. DS says:

    CONGRATULATIONS for courageously exercising your voice and living your dream. What you eloquently stated comes as no surprise to me and is quite accurate of your perceived demeanor, at least by me anyway. Best wishes and go for your dreams! All the best to you.

  3. Jeremy Peterson says:

    Holler back I will. I think honesty is notably absent these days when you ask for an opinion, not to mention trust. I look forward to your posts as well as the outlet for my own “Holler back”.

  4. holler1012 says:

    Ok, I’m aware of how crazy this sounds…but, man, I gotta love all the fuel and positive energy peeps are throwing my way. I had a hunch, but I had no idea people had this much faith in my ability to try something like this. I’ll keep pluggin’ away. No one that means anything to me (like you guys) is telling me not to. 🙂 Holler!

  5. Laura says:

    Hey Brian! Just dropping by to check out your blog so far.

    I’m really intrigued by your quest. I think that the world could use more people like you that want to see the world through a positive lens.

    Keep at it, and I’ll keep reading!

    🙂 Laurita

  6. sean nolan says:

    good for you Brian!! I am with you on this 100%. I saw your reply to Ana’s yoga invite yesterday, so I looked you up. I am a bit of a social psychologist myself, and a cultural critic. Who isn’t though? I am in Pittsburgh right now, but have been living in Carmel the past several years. It’s good to see someone else who is living the dream and not afraid to do so without a lot of financial means. I have virtually none myself. Later — Sean.

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