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When someone has a revelation, or a swift change in direction, there is usually incredible emotion and drama involved.  I feel like those times are the most important in our lives.  You have to listen and be aware of what’s going on around you.  If you fail to do that in life….like Ferris said, “You just might miss it.”  This is undoubtably true.  I’ll be damned if it isn’t hard to keep those emotions in check, though.  Yet, for those of us willing to take the ride (still getting used to saying that), you have to let it keep rollin’. Have faith in the skills and experiences that brought you to that point in the first place.

To a deeeeluxe apartment in the skkkyyyy!

My first step in doing that was, of course, getting in touch with any person I knew that was even loosely affiliated with anything media-based.  Honestly, it was anyone I even remotely, kinda, sorta knew.  As I’ve said before (and I’m pretty sure this is going to become a theme)…if I had not made the friends that I have made up to this point, blah, blah, blah. I likely couldn’t have done enough to start this blog, let alone claim that I won’t stop until I’m “Movin‘ On Up!”  (Best TV theme song EVER!)

Anyhow…I’m callin’ my friends. One of the first people I contacted was my friend Maureen Francisco.  She’s involved in multiple facets of the media, like any intelligent person in the business should be today.  Maureen and I went to college together and are friends, so once I contacted her via email and asked some initial questions, we arranged a phone call.  Hearing from her was great.  Wasn’t too long before our conversation guided me to a familiar place.  Reminded me of all the crazy stuff we would do in our communication classes, on the radio, or at the tv station.  As I was talking to her, I felt it again.

That positive energy I’ve been referring to?  Conversations like the one I had with Maureen kept building it up inside of me.  I’m telling you, folks.  I had no choice in this!  I’m heading towards…reality?

A True Reality Website

Maureen was gracious enough to introduce me to the folks at  After setting up my profile and getting a VIP Pass, I was locked in!  Fortunately, I’d already been doing a ton of social networking on Facebook, so learning how to navigate RealityWanted was easy and, honestly, fun!  I couldn’t believe that I even had one connection that could get me on this kind of site.  After applying for some casting calls, setting up my profile, encouraging people to vote for me and meeting others on the site, I was ready to go.  I thought, ‘well, at least my stuff’s out there…somebody could see it…right?’

Inspiring and motivating.

To my shock and surprise, within a couple days, I got an email from a producer at the Mel Robbins Show!  I said, “Hell, yeah!” Then, I thought for a moment. Then, I was like, “Who’s Mel Robbins?”  Of course, just because I hadn’t heard of her, didn’t mean she wasn’t incredibly accomplished, extremely intelligent, driven, dedicated, gorgeous…you know, the whole nine.  After I read this article (and numerous others), I realized that I was getting a chance to be on a nationally syndicated show powered by Borders Radio.  After emailing the producer and discussing the topic of the show, I soon realized that I was going to have talk using the one facet of myself that I didn’t want to bring to the table…the real me.  Mel’s no joke.  She basically invented the “life coach” concept.  She’s the smarter, better, healthier, more intelligent version of what I want to do.

Holy shit.  I’m just getting into this whole deal and this is my first interview?  And I have to be brutally honest about something I’d only come to grips with two weeks prior?  Oh, I’m sure that’ll go smoothly.  In the interest of full disclosure (that’s my thing, right?), here’s the link:

When I got off the phone, I was fairly confident that I had sucked.  I’ve listened a few more times sense…it’s not quite that bad.  Talking about issues that are difficult and have also yet to fully form can be a tough gig.  I had to bullshit a little…business plan?  Are you kidding me?  I’m there already?  Although I felt it poured a little salt on my ego wound, I wasn’t entirely surprised when I saw this as the tag to my appearance:

Brian – After teaching for 5 years, Brian is now filing for unemployment, and wants to start his own business (but it’s this Booker’s opinion he has no realistic/concrete idea how to do that).

Yep, that felt good.  The Booker took a shot at me.  Unfortunately, she was right.  What the hell am I doing here!?  I sent them an email, thanking them for the opportunity; yet, meekly attempting to defend the fact that I’d only been doing this a little while.  Nah, I’d been doing it my whole life.  I should have been better prepared.  However…and I’m going to repeat this until I’m blue in the face…if it wasn’t for the connections and friendships I’ve made, none of this would be possible.

Networking & Business Guru

Enter Kia.  Kia is someone that thankfully friended me on Facebook in my attempt to contact anyone affiliated with the industry. She is an incredibly motivating person.  Driven, confident, successful…possessed that “vibe” that my parents used to talk about.  The kind of person you are compelled to gravitate towards.  After speaking a few times, we agreed to meet up for coffee.  You could tell this was totally normal for Kia.  She’s like the Houdini of networking…always knows how to make magic.  She’s also very easy to talk to and could sympathize with my quest.  After some usual intro chit-chat, we got to really talking.  She explained a ton to me about the marketing and promotions side of things.  Kia has a health newsletter that she writes, markets and distributes.  It’s called The Healthy Buzz!  I think Kia sees potential in me, personally and professionally. One of her first pieces of advice: You must have a catchy slogan these days.  Have I yet mentioned how thankful I am to be born with my last name?

Kidding aside, this is just a small microcosom of the kind of roller coaster ride I’m embarking upon.  Like all of you, I try to focus on the positives and better myself through the negatives.  Once I had discussed things with Kia, I was feeling a TON better.  She helped me see how I could organize what I’m doing into a business.  That’s what I’m going to attempt to do.  If it works, it should allow me to pursue this big dream while actively seeking short-term opportunities that can allow me to make some extra money, help others, network and continue building my presence.  Between promoting myself, creating a business and attempting to show that I could be a credible commentator, I’m as busy as I’ve ever been…and I love it!


A True Reality Site

The next day, I woke up feeling optimistic and driven.  I trotted upstairs to my office and headed for the emails.  I wonder if anything bit?  At all?  Again, to my surprise, was a forward from Maureen.  Robert Galinsky, who helps run RealityWanted, and is a damn fine talk show host in his own right, had somehow been made aware of my making an appearance on The Mel Robbins Show.  He wanted to interview me and I was jacked!  Now, Robert’s show is much more my style.  Laid-back, funny, focused on entertainment…yet, ultimately, his show is about helping people.  Bringing industry people in to talk about what they look for, what’s hot, what’s being promoted, etc.

Oh…and he’s powered by CBS Radio.  I geared up for the interview.  I was not going to feel awkward about this one.  If I couldn’t hang here, what the hell am I doing, right?  You can see for yourself….but, I’m pretty sure I knocked it out of the park.  They were full of energy, completely complimentary and I felt like we had a great exchange.  Feel free to judge for yourself:

After I thanked Robert via email for having me on the show, he wrote back and said that he enjoyed it as well.  He even invited me to come back on the show again…whenever that is.  Still not sure how some of the dance goes.  Either way, I figure he must have meant it.  He even cut up the audio and personally sent me a copy of the interview.  After examining that first rush, I realized two things:  I know more than I thought I did, but I still don’t know shit.

On the upside, the experience truly motivated me to organize myself, which I have been immersed in ever since.  After some prodding (thanks, Mel), some support (thanks, Kia & Maureen) and some great conversation (thanks, Robert!), I’m feeling like I’m starting to acquire the proper mindset for this journey.  Being myself and being real is my “business sense.”  I know when someone’s full of it – even if I act like I don’t notice.  I’m ready for that, when and if it comes.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep that sense about people honed, positive and focused toward people who can guide me the right way.

…the quest continues.  Let Me Hear You Holler!!!


3 thoughts on “Real Business “Sense”

  1. Jen says:

    Love it. (And on the technical side, nice work adding the images alongside the post!) It’s refreshing that you have more to offer than the typical candidate wanting to succeed in this industry—intelligence, wit, a talent for writing, authenticity, and a common sense view of reality. Those are the things that garner respect. And of course, the lucky last name. Holler!

  2. holler1012 says:

    Giovanni…truly humbled by that statement. I would like a chance to talk but I’m not expecting to be HUGE or anything. I swear to you, I just want a chance to make enough (60/70K per year) to stay afloat doing something I love. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind blowin’ up…I think I could handle it properly.

    Jen…quick shout-out: I don’t know what inspired you to go out of your way to start helping me out, but I can’t thank you enough for the direction you’ve provided me lately. Jen…and since you’re one of (my four) get a….JEN IS SUPER COOL!!!

    Know what? Gio gets one too. His compliment was bomb. GIOVANNI IS SUPER COOL!!!!

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